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Global Rank: #771 - Rated 266th of Japan Japan with 1618tp

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RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#351Mutsuhiko Izumi - Snow Goose [Hard]HD,HR97.29%407039tp101613
#352AZUMA HITOMI - Harinezumi (TV Size) [Normal]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%219037tp9622
#353Buddah Bar - Mambo Craze [Hard]DT98.14%429037tp101016
#354ave;new project feat. Sakura Saori & Inoue Miyu - Chouetsu Koi Shite Naishomea!! [Normal]HD,DT,HR95.43%378037tp18172
#355azusa - Summer in Photos (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT94.44%221036tp15157
#356One Draft - Wonderful Days (TV Size) [jericho2442's Soul]HD95.32%361035tp12149
#357Larval Stage Planning - Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de JUMP!! (TV Size) [SHOUKO]HD,DT,HR97.38%400030tp1497
#358Little Non - Hanamaru Sensation (TV Size) [Easy]FL,DT,HR100.00%190029tp9713
#359GReeeeN - Ai Uta (Taiko Cut) [Oni]DT94.40%158027tp6128
#360Satou Rina, Inoue Marina & Chihara Minori - Shiawase High Tension (TV Size) [Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%249026tp7514
#361Itou Kanako - Hacking to the Gate (TV Size) [Normal]HD,DT,HR97.40%377025tp1087
#362sampling masters MEGA - Chat! Chat! Chat! [Frionel's Normal]HR98.77%448022tp6611
#363Rina Satou - Keikenchi Joushouchuu (TV Size) [Mako-chan]FL,DT,HR100.00%172012tp327
#364Taiko no Tatsujin - Tenjiku2000 [Taiko Hard]None97.30%59300tp000
#365Aimee B - Fallen Angel (TV Size) [Taiko]FL100.00%19900tp000
#366BMA stars - Golden House [Wmf's Taiko]None99.77%59000tp000
#367Gabriela Vega y Maggie Vera - Superalma [Verdi's Taiko Oni]HR98.59%33000tp000