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Top scores of » TaNaBaTa

Global Rank: #186 - Rated 64th of Japan Japan with 2142tp

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RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#501Duca - Revolution [Lunet]HD,DT,HR100.00%352048tp131025
#502Nightcore - Heaven is a Place on Earth [Earth]DT97.37%343047tp121422
#503Trey Parker - America, Fuck Yeah [Hard]HD,DT,HR91.85%418046tp21213
#504Shounen Radio - neu [Normal]DT96.91%379043tp102012
#505Hatsune Miku - glow [Normal]HD,DT,HR100.00%239041tp7728
#506Liz Triangle x Like a Rabbit - Moonlight Step [Grayness]DT98.99%636040tp6924
#507LAST ALLIANCE - Shissou [Hard]DT94.39%519040tp16168
#508Haruka Shimotsuki - Ruri no Tori [Hard]HD,DT95.34%274037tp14177
#509Megurine Luka - World Reflection [World]DT,HR97.75%250037tp111115
#510Yuki Kimura - LOVE&JOY [JOY JOY]DT,HR94.97%215031tp10184
#511Current Value feat. Saiba - Clear Blue Water [Normal]HD,DT,HR98.93%291028tp9911
#512Kurosaki Maon - Magic world (TV Size) [yuca]HD,DT,HR97.92%244026tp10107
#51307th Expansion - Final Answer [Easy]FL,DT,HR98.90%263014tp436
#514Megpoid GUMI - Checkmate [Bishop Taiko]HD99.31%125300tp000