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Global Rank: #753 - Rated 84th of Korea Korea with 1624tp

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RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#1Chata - Yuujou Pop [Ai]DT99.31%8330314tp8116370
#2nomico - Hoshikaze no Horoscope (TV Size) [Insane]DT99.77%4060311tp1319783
#3StylipS - Prism Sympathy (TV Size) [Insane]HD,DT99.31%4500269tp1338254
#4ChouCho - Yasashisa no Riyuu (TV Size) [Insane]DT99.75%4350260tp1297259
#5Minori Chihara - Kyoukai no Kanata (TV Size) [Insane]HD,DT99.77%4550245tp8210262
#6ZAQ - Sparkling Daydream (TV Size) [Insane]DT97.71%4820219tp719850
#7nao - Blue-Love Chime [Insane]DT98.39%5920206tp897939
#8Annabel - Signal Graph (TV Size) [Insane]HD,DT96.34%4480196tp918718
#9Sakamoto Maaya - Platinum (TV Size) [Insane]DT99.72%4260195tp697154
#10mafumafu & amatsuki - Kasyokusei:Idol Syoukougun [Hard]HD,DT100.00%11320187tp565674
#11supercell - Hero [Hard]DT99.52%7000171tp467352
#12StylipS - Choose me Darling (TV Size) [Insane]HD,DT96.43%4650160tp776815
#13LiSA - traumerei (TV Size) [Kitsuneko's Hard]HD,DT99.21%4620151tp725721
#14TWO-FORMULA - Taiyou to Tsuki no Cross (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT98.19%4850136tp585919
#15Kurosaki Maon - X-encounter (TV Size) [Irre's Insane]DT97.18%4472132tp595420
#16TWO-FORMULA - Taiyou to Tsuki no CROSS (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT99.60%3930125tp504727
#17YUKI - Sakamichi no Melody (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT99.47%4090123tp444832
#18EasyPop - Happy Synthesizer [Colin's Hard]HD,DT99.52%8980117tp294049
#19Minori Chihara - Kyoukai no Kanata (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT,HR98.42%3800116tp563921
#20Chata - Harukaze Dance [hoLysoup's Hard]HD,DT100.00%8150108tp313542
#21Jouhou Shoribu (Ookubo Rumi, Tsuda Minami, Taneda Risa) - Se-no! (TV Size) [Gamu's Hard]HD,DT99.45%481097tp333529
#22ryo (supercell) - ODDS&ENDS (Short Ver.) [SkyDevil's Hard]HD,DT99.15%460091tp323623