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Global Rank: #6634 - Rated 1936th of Japan Japan with 588tp

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RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#1Duca - Clover (Short Ver.) [Aenna]HD,DT100.00%4150160tp456254
#2ALTIMA - I'll believe (TV Size) [lolcubes' Hard]HD,DT98.97%3630120tp405327
#3EGOIST - The Everlasting Guilty Crown (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT100.00%4540115tp434230
#4KOTOKO - Light My Fire (TV Size) [Shana]HD,FL99.20%4790113tp484124
#5Erio wo Kamatte-chan - Os-Uchuujin (TV Size) [Vicho]HD,DT99.48%385099tp264032
#6Choucho - Kawaru Mirai (TV Size) [Ignacio's Insane]HD,FL99.54%421095tp373127
#7Rie Kugimiya - -EXIST- (Short Ver.) [Lizbeth's Hard]HD,FL97.93%237057tp291612
#8Kurosaki Maon - Memories Last (TV Size) [Insane]HD,FL98.43%341354tp201816
#9Nico Nico Douga - Fight Against Squid Girl [Geso Geso!]HD,DT,HR96.17%223049tp19219
#10Kana Hanazawa - Renai Circulation [TV Size] [Normal]HD,DT,HR96.49%298043tp141316
#1107th Expansion - Occultics no Majo [Normal]HD,DT,HR94.44%392031tp14125
#12Meg & Dia - Bored of Your Love [Normal]DT,HR93.57%395130tp15151