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Top scores of » Poro

Global Rank: #2090 - Rated 12th of Philippines Philippines with 1172tp

The scores with the highest tp values are listed here. If you want to sort the scores by their aim, speed or acc rating then simply click on the respective column title.

RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#1Kola Kid - can't hide your love [Can't]HD98.87%11200202tp716863
#2senya - Kasoku Suru Koi wa Dare mo Tomerarenai [Lunatic]None99.67%14930192tp567363
#3goreshit - o'er the flood [The Flood Beneath]HD99.37%19220190tp567460
#4Hatsune Miku - Marionette no Kairaku [Uncontrollable]None99.10%9180189tp727344
#5Demetori - Desire Drive ~ Desire Dream [Extra Stage]None98.95%22900188tp567359
#6Last Note. - Caramel Heaven [Heaven]None99.79%14480183tp586362
#707th Expansion - Final Answer [Question]HD99.35%13710182tp616556
#8O-Life Japan - Yakujinsama no Couple Dance [Insane]HD99.91%9480181tp718228
#9capitaro - Yoiduki Maiuta [Insane]None99.75%11030167tp466259
#10eyemedia - Bloody Purity [Expert]None99.69%5190163tp387352
#11Mutsuhiko Izumi - Russian Snowy Dance [Insane]HD,HR97.46%6360157tp624847
#12goreshit - the nature of dying [The Nature of Dying]HD99.10%19320127tp235153
#13Bilibili Douga - Night of Feifan Brother [Feifan Bro]HD98.65%8980125tp405827
#14Umetora - Ifuudoudou [Insane]HD99.28%8210121tp562441
#15Perfume ft. peppy - Baby Cruising Love [Pro]HD,DT99.74%3310118tp232471
#16Dimrain47 - Midnight Siege [Epic]HD99.56%7410114tp284937
#17M2U - BlythE (Osuka) [Maniac]Easy96.12%460140tp18193
#18fripSide - only my railgun (TV Size) [4K MX]None76.20%128200tp000