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Global Rank: #246 - Rated 35th of Korea Korea with 2023tp

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RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#351Hatsuki Yura - Nanka Ii Koto [Normal]FL,DT,HR100.00%286034tp9620
#352Mitchie M - Viva Happy [Habi's Normal]HD,DT,HR100.00%604034tp8521
#353Tamura Yukari - Fantastic future [Zeroarg Baka]FL,DT,HR100.00%771032tp7619
#354Ogura Yui - Baby Sweet Berry Love (TV Size) [Andrea's Normal]FL,DT,HR96.07%248031tp1398
#355ZAQ - Sparkling Daydream (TV Size) [Easy]FL,DT,HR100.00%308028tp8713
#356IOSYS - Utage wa Eien ni ~SHD~ [TAG4]None76.96%3287825tp1960
#357ZAQ - Sparkling Daydream (TV Size) [Master]FL,DT,HR100.00%232025tp7613
#358ALTIMA - Burst The Gravity (TV Size) [Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%189025tp6415
#359Zeng Zhihao - Demon Sword [Normal]FL,DT,HR100.00%195024tp6413
#360Black Raison d'etre - INSIDE IDENTITY (TV Size) [Nymph's Easy]FL,DT,HR100.00%223021tp859
#361ZAQ - Sparkling Daydream (TV Size) [Mickey's Easy]FL,DT,HR100.00%213021tp759
#362Kana Asumi - SOMEONE ELSE (TV Size) [Shulin's Normal]FL,DT,HR96.67%236021tp957
#363Black Hole - Pluto [Beginner]FL,DT,HR100.00%357019tp5312
#364Yasuna to Sonya - Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu (TV Size) [fanzhen's Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%262019tp6310
#365yu_tokiwa.djw - murmur twins [Normal]FL,DT,HR97.88%316017tp656
#366Suzaku VS Genbu - Himiko [Normal]FL,DT,HR95.99%256014tp653
#367Linked Horizon - Guren no Yumiya (TV Size) [Saten's Easy]FL,DT,HR97.07%393013tp751