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Global Rank: #4735 - Rated 42nd of Finland Finland with 759tp

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RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#1fripSide - sister's noise (TV Size) [Insane]DT98.02%4510189tp808030
#2ZUN - Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars [Hard]DT94.37%4440132tp47787
#3Yasuharu Takanashi - Juvia [Hard]DT99.63%3110126tp434539
#4Hatsuki Yura - confession -Mitsuyaku Langage- [Kiiwa]DT98.71%8510115tp474424
#5Shihori - Day Breaker [Hard]DT99.54%987098tp262843
#6Clinton VanSciver & Swedish Egil - Love Letters (MitiS Chilled Overnight Remix) [BD's Hard]HD,DT99.66%334096tp253239
#7Linked Horizon - Jiyuu no Tsubasa (TV Size) [Rainbow's Hard]HD,DT98.98%337089tp353618
#8Hitomi Harada - Hare Tokidoki Egao (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT96.91%379088tp323817
#9Nico Nico Douga - Accelerator Heaven [Gcode's Lv.3 Heaven]DT,HR96.18%395078tp33396
#107!! - Lovers (TV Size) [Colin's Hard]HD,HR96.74%440068tp252617
#11Rabpit - Saika -Ver.B- [Navy's Hard]HD,DT97.87%460068tp252815
#12Weezer - We Wish you a Merry Christmas! (Speed Up Ver.) [Azmato's Hard]HD,DT98.55%253063tp232020
#13Nico Nico Douga - Fight Against Dangerous Hirasawa Yui & Susumu [Un-tan]HD,DT96.55%221061tp252214
#14Aki Okui - Kokoro No Fanfare (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT,HR98.61%250053tp211616
#15TONI LEO - LOVING YOU (Epidemik remix) [Hard]DT97.93%304051tp201814
#16Silver Forest - (9) Destiny ~ Ever Lasting Turn of Cirno [Cold]DT,HR98.63%491048tp141420
#17Hitoshi Sakimoto - GrimGrimoire Main Theme [Hard]DT96.46%153047tp161713
#18Touyama Nao & Yamazaki Haruka - Ringo Ribbon [Normal]DT,HR99.25%656046tp91225
#197!! - Lovers (TV Size) [banvi's Normal]HD,DT,HR99.02%288044tp81025
#20Dark PHOENiX - The Magic Library BARUWA [Hard]DT,HR94.46%499039tp16157
#21Yasuharu Takanashi - Invoke Magic [Spark]HD,DT,HR97.85%318035tp15137
#2212 Girls Band - Horse Race [KS's Normal]HD,DT,HR98.57%243032tp101211
#23Alejandro Arnais - Mi Corazon Encantado [Normal]HD,DT,HR97.97%271028tp9811
#24ALTIMA - Burst The Gravity (TV Size) [Lime Bell]HD,DT,HR99.42%250023tp6610