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Top scores of » Siegrein

Global Rank: #344 - Rated 2nd of Philippines Philippines with 1904tp

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RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#451Yuya Matsushita - Trust Me (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT,HR99.23%319086tp201551
#452Eguchi Takahiro - silver temple [Nemis' Insane]HD,HR100.00%727086tp282929
#453RO-KYU-BU! - SHOOT! (TV Size) [Hinacle]HD,DT100.00%354085tp302629
#454Nekomata Master+ feat. JUNE - being torn the sky [Another]HD,DT96.12%545085tp333813
#455Aoi Eir - MEMORIA (TV Size) [Gu's Hard]HD,DT100.00%313084tp202341
#456Chata - step of cloud [Hard]HD,DT100.00%386084tp221744
#457Nomizu Iori - Ma.Ka.Se.Te Tonight (TV Size) [5item Desuka?]HD,DT97.10%333083tp42319
#458doa - Hero [Hard]HD,HR98.44%760082tp252928
#459Duca - Ai no Niwa (Short Ver.) [Hard]HD,DT99.67%311082tp241840
#460Yoshino Yuuji - Shounin to Ookami to, Tabi no Nibasha [Hard]HD,DT,HR98.55%512080tp232334
#461Nishino Kana - Stamp [Kiiwa]HD,DT95.75%394078tp302821
#462Kajiura Yuki - Postmeridie [Relaxing]HD,DT99.13%349077tp232430
#463Rie Kugimiya & Eri Kitamura - Holy Night [Hard]HD,DT,HR95.19%524075tp273216
#464Tomatsu Haruka - Yume Sekai (TV Size) [Mickey's Hard]HD,DT100.00%297074tp141446
#465Rie Kugimiya, Eri Kitamura & Yui Horie - Orange (TV Size) [Ami-Hard]HD,DT100.00%299072tp161937
#466Shoji Meguro - Long Way [Experienced]HD,DT97.04%340072tp253016
#467Gumi - Hitorijime [Xin's Hard]HD,DT99.21%460072tp172233
#468Yakushimaru Etsuko and the Metro Orchestra - Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT97.72%319072tp272322
#469Rie Kugimiya & Eri Kitamura - Holy Night [Normal]HD,DT,HR96.67%450067tp202621
#470Larval Stage Planning - Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de JUMP!! (TV Size) [tutuhaha's Hard]HD,DT100.00%345065tp171632
#471Chiaki Ishikawa - Uninstall (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT,HR99.49%212065tp121142
#472Horie Yui - perfect slumbers (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT100.00%229064tp131140
#473Shouta Kageyama - Relic Song [Hard]HD,DT100.00%140063tp171630
#474yanaginagi - Vidro Moyou (TV Size) [Pokie's Hard]HD,DT100.00%255062tp161730
#475Junichi Masuda - Battle! Roaming Legendary Pokemon [Terrakion]HD,DT97.48%420062tp272412
#476Akasaki Chinatsu, Tamura Mutsumi - Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu (TV Size) [Hard]HD,DT100.00%334061tp181627
#477Kugimiya Rie - Renai Circulation (Short Ver.) [Hard]HD,DT,HR98.50%253060tp162024
#478Tommy Heavenly6 - Pray (TV Size) [Kagura]HD,DT,HR98.15%298050tp191318
#479Rita - dorchadas [DRS's Sliders]HD,DT100.00%441047tp22250
#480Jin - Ayano no Koufuku Riron [Kiiwa's Theory]HD,DT,HR97.04%668036tp101213
#481Helblinde - Ritsuen!! [milky's Sliders]HD,DT100.00%1159025tp12130