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Global Rank: #39 - Rated 11th of Japan Japan with 2562tp

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RankBeatmap nameModsAccuracyComboMissRating ↓AimSpeedAcc
#701Susumu Hirasawa - KIRBY Mix Compilation [KIRBY Mix Deluxe]None93.41%7214128tp1099
#702DJ YOSHITAKA - Evans [Beginner]DT,HR100.00%249028tp7912
#703Perfume - Communication (Short Ver.) [Bakari's Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%301026tp6417
#704Kawada Mami - u/n (Short Ver.) [Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%232026tp7415
#705Lia - My Soul, Your Beats! (TV Size) [Leader's Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%144025tp6514
#706Hatsune Miku - Schrodinger's Kitten [Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%176023tp967
#707nano.RIPE - Omokage Warp (TV Size) [Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%187022tp5313
#708Hikasa Youko - SUPER STREAM (TV Size) [Vikonormal]HD,DT,HR97.90%234021tp1183
#709Nekomata Master - Raindrops #1 'Aqua' [Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%187020tp849
#710nano.RIPE - Hana no Iro (TV Size) [impossiblexu]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%201019tp639
#711Road of Major - Kokoroe (TV Size) [Easy]HD,FL,DT,HR100.00%204016tp3211
#712beatMARIO - Night of Knights [TAG4]None75.62%2911044tp320